Conowingo Dam
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Conowingo Dam

Let’s do a little recap of my weekend because I know you care.

Greg has been talking about taking me to one of his old fishing spots that he went to as a kid so we packed up the truck and headed out for the day of exploring. The Conowingo Dam is a connection of the Susquehanna River and they open the gates when the River gets too high and they need to distribute the water to the Dam.

IMG 08201 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

Greg use to sit on those rocks and fish when he was little. I’m not sure that would be a good idea especially because he said rats are running through those rocks all the time. YUCK!

On a different (not so gross) note, we did get to see some beautiful butterflies and I think we are going to go fishing before the year is over. I’ve been crabbing before but never fishing so I’m open to the new experience.

IMG 0821 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

On our way back home we stopped at Red Robin for a burger and some fries. We’ve been to Red Robin before but the experience at this restaurant was awful. We just wanted to eat and get out of there as fast as possible.

IMG 0822 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

Once we got home I played with Digger for a little bit and had to leave to pick up a friend so we could have some girl time at the mall I did not spend much money but I did find this awesome burger shirt at Forever 21 and I just could not pass it up. How cool is this top?!?!

IMG 0823 768x1024 Conowingo Dam

All of that happened on Saturday and Sunday was a chill day at the house with lots of chores and Greg detailed me car and it looks like new. I love him but I’m scared to get it dirty now.

Boardwalk Bash

The week always seems to start off on the right foot and I’m productive and can get lot’s of things done but by the time Wednesday gets here I’m done and falling behind with all the things I need to do.  This week I hope to get a better handle on things and be able to stay on top of everything the whole week long.

Today I’m trying to complete all my Sunday chores such as meal prep, laundry, cleaning the closet and I’m going to work on getting all my clothes together for the week ahead. I think if I can roll out of bed and throw my workout clothes on a head out the door it will make my mornings a lot easier to get through.

Ok, on Thursday night I wanted to post about the Boardwalk Bash that we had at work and here I am sitting at my desk on Sunday trying to put this together.

Our company does special events like this every so often so show us some appreciation. It’s a nice break from the normal work day. I got some video that I will post at the bottom of this post of all the things that were set up. Some of the items required a waiver to be signed in case anyone got hurt. We had bumper cars and a surfing activity set up (it was an air ride). I did not have a lot of time for my break and lunch so I had to pass on this but I did get to see a few of my co-workers do this and it looked pretty fun.

NewImage29 Boardwalk Bash

We had a karaoke station (some good and some not so good).

NewImage30 Boardwalk Bash

There was a food station with BBQ and lots of options for extras goodies like cotton candy, taffy, sno-cones and much more. We all had a ticket and for each station you had to get your ticked punched to make sure everyone got a chance to enjoy everything, I passed on most of the stuff but it was a nice gesture.

NewImage31 Boardwalk Bash

Between all the food and goodies there were plenty of activities going on. Here are the bumper cars and it was pretty quite when I was out there. Not a lot going on.

NewImage32 Boardwalk Bash

Here is the wave/surfboard I was talking about and the helmet is laying there waiting for someone to take a change and hop on it. I did see one person attempt it and feel shortly after he got on it. It’s was kinda funny (not gonna lie).

NewImage33 Boardwalk Bash

A basket ball game to wind stuffed animals we set up but most of the guys were all hanging around the real basketball hoops because they set up teams and had games going all day long.

NewImage34 Boardwalk Bash

There was a selfie station so I had to take advantage of that…if I passed this up what kind of blogger would that make me?!?!

NewImage35 Boardwalk Bash

It was a good day for the most part and I know that my company really tries to make these activities special for us so I try to take part in as much as I can.

Does your company do anything special like this for you?

I don’t know what I’m talking about

First let me say I don’t know what I’m talking about (I’ve been drinking and it’s Greg’s fault).

Now that we got that out of the way…My husband decided to surprise me with a homemade dinner tonight and it was amazing! I’m a lucky girl to have a husband who can cook and he actually enjoys it.

He made pork tenderloin with beans and rice and it was all BBQ style and I loved it. Greg sent me a text to ask what I wanted for dinner (I thought this was a night we were going to do our own thing) so I tried to think about what we had that we could share and I said we have pizza or the pork tenderloin but I knew the pork would take some time…..little did I know that he had already started the cooking process.

NewImage25 I dont know what Im talking about

I slept in this morning so I was rushing to make sure I made it for Zumba this evening but it’s hard to pass up a home cooked meal. He worked his butt off to make this meal good and I appreciated it so much. He seared it on the grill first to get the right taste before he placed it in the oven.

NewImage26 I dont know what Im talking about

After it was in the grill he placed it in the oven. It reminds me of tuna (from pictures I’ve seen) because the only tuna I’ve ever had was from a can.

NewImage27 I dont know what Im talking about

So Greg placed this in the oven (I’m pretty sure he gave instructions in the vlog) to make sure the meat was fully cooked.

NewImage28 I dont know what Im talking about

When I came home from work this is what I came home to…dinner fully cooked icon smile I dont know what Im talking about

We ate dinner and I left for an hour Zumba class. It was a good night and when I came home Greg was drinking a beer so I did what a good wife would…I had a drink (or two) with him. Now it’s time for bed so I can hopefully wake up for morning cardio (pray for me) lol.

See you tomorrow!

Trying to be Girly

My week started off on the right (and left) foot with fasted cardio. I’m back in my game and focused and to be honest I feel great. I’m sleepy (I won’t lie about that) but I’m pushing through it and keeping track of everything with my fitbit. I’m striving for 10,000 steps a day and to keep within my calorie allowance based on my goals and activity. Morning cardio has been hill intervals on the treadmill and the stepmill. I’m adding in Zumba classes too and I’m not looking at the class as my workout it’s really just my “fun time”.

NewImage21 Trying to be Girly

I’m working on becoming a real adult and a pretty lady and it’s going to take some work to become more girly) This may sound crazy but I contacted my stylist yesterday because my hair gets very wild like I’m putting a lot of product in my hair but I’m not. She wants me to come in sometime this week so we can see what we can do about it. It may be that my hair is so thick I’m not getting all the shampoo out or I may have to see a dermatologist about it. When I get really stressed I get very dry scalp and I had to see a doctor in the past so it’s not anything new to me. My mom never really helped me with things like hair and makeup growing up so this is why I’m mid-thirties and trying to figure all this stuff out now. When I was in high school I was around the boys more than girls so I did not get to share these learning experiences with anyone and now I’m learning all by myself now. It’s scary but how hard can it be……..

NewImage22 Trying to be Girly

Oh, my walks during my breaks are going well and I even came across this tree as proof that we are experiencing crazy wind this week. These trees have been planted for at least 9 years and this one just snapped at the bottom.

NewImage23 Trying to be Girly

I’m not sure how long the work bathroom will stay looking like this but I must admit that when I walked into the bathroom on Monday this made me smile. I love how peaceful and clean this makes you feel even in an office setting.

I want to find something decorative for our bathroom because our is “just a bathroom” and I want it to feel welcoming…it that an odd way to talk about a bathroom? Lol

NewImage24 Trying to be Girly

Ok, it’s getting kind of late and I have a date with the gym at 5am so I will end this here and we will catch up tomorrow.