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PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

NewImage44 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

 Let’s talk about  how to helps the dreaded DOMS and what I’ve been doing to try to combat it lately. I’ll be honest here and tell you that when the opportunity came forward to review compression socks I was intrigued because the socks are cute and I love how they come in so many fun colors. When I run I want attention on me like “hey, I’m here and I’m running” it’s like when you ride a bike and let go for the first time “Hey mom! Look over here, no hands” . I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about and why so many people brag about compression socks. I mean how can silly socks make such a difference. I will tell you that they actually do and you don’t have to be a runner to benefit. I decided on a pair of black compression socks for this review and I figured black would go with anything I wear and it would be a good starter color for me.

NewImage45 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

This is my first experience with compression socks and I’ve heard from other bloggers that some socks fall down and won’t stay up. That seems odd to me because I would think that compression socks are suppose to hug the leg and if they fall down that means they are not working…right?!?!!

I’ve worn the socks all week long and I wanted to make sure I got as much use of them as possible before I wrote this post.  I don’t see any issue with Pro Compression socks falling down. I will admit that they are tight when you first put them on (duh…compression sock) but after a few minutes they are just as comfortable as my yoga pants (not even joking). It does take me an extra minute or two to get them on my feet but it’s worth the time and effort. The girls in my Zumba class love how I was styling and I was only wearing a pair in black (wait until they see the new colors I have my eye on). I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I am wearing them everywhere….to bed, hanging around the house, working out, cleaning, watching TV, during meal prep and shopping. I’m starting to dread when I have to take them off.

NewImage46 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

Even Digger gets turned on by them. Honestly, this is why I can’t workout at home much because Digger is trying to hump my arm while I’m doing my ab workout. Greg is no help because all he does is laugh and encourage him. The cost of a gym membership is nothing when you have to deal with that. Ha!

NewImage47 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

I did manage to get a good ab and leg workout in even with being attacked by my Chihuahua. I’m really digging the compression socks and I already have plans on buying a few more pairs. They cost is not cheap (around $50.00) but I love how it helps with the soreness and it seems to keep my recovery time down. Depending on the workout and the day I’ve noticed my recovery time has cut in half. I’m also running more on the treadmill and I’ve noticed that my feet are not getting blisters like I normally get and I’m not sure if my feet love me a little bit more because I’m nicer to them or if the compression socks are forcing them to be nicer to me. No matter what the reason I’m a very happy lady without soreness now we need to work on the whole hunger things. I wonder if Pro Compression is working on that next?!? It’s an idea…

NewImage48 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

Oh, did I mention that they are PRO Compression socks are made in the USA! That’s just one more reason to love this company.

I’m going to have a special discount below for y’all but before I give that to you I want to let you know that they also have a Sock of the Month so if this month is a little “TIGHT” (get it) for your wallet you can sign up for updates and they will let you know when they have deals going on so you don’t feel left out.  Do you see how I’ve got you all covered?!? I care about you and I fight for my peeps! icon wink PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

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NewImage49 PRO Compression Review + Amazing Deal For You

**I was given a pair of Pro Compression socks for review through being a Sweat Pink Ambassador. All opinions are my own**

Grandma Day

My grandson had a field trip so I took the day off work to be with him and we went to the Baltimore Museum of Industry. I had to take a drive before we left to pick up lunch because all I had prepared (my fault) was ground turkey and that’s just nasty cold.

NewImage37 Grandma Day

While I was out I decided to get gas too. I needed it and there was no reason to wait another day or two (maybe Pumping gas is soooo boring, right?!?!

NewImage38 Grandma Day

While I was out I decided to get gas too. I needed it and there was no reason to wait another day or two (maybe Pumping gas is soooo boring, right?!?!

NewImage39 Grandma Day

Once we got to the school we had to hangout for about an hour before we were ready to board the bus. It was a good chance to take lots of selfies together.

NewImage40 Grandma Day

And because we wanted to act life fools we took this silly picture. He seemed to be in good spirits having me there with him.

NewImage41 Grandma Day

These are pictures that need no words…we are just doing what we do and a picture can speak a thousand words. After a long wait we finally made it to the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

NewImage42 Grandma Day

We got to the museum a little early and had to wait in the bus for a few extra minutes and as you can see he was starting to hop around the bus and was getting pretty antsy. He may look innocent is that picture but don’t let those big eyes fool you. lol

NewImage43 Grandma Day

I have some video from when we were in the museum and unfortunately  we did not get a chance to see all the cool stuff so my husband and I are going to plan a day trip in the future so I can share all of that with you. The kids were taken to a room where they had to build a car and also a roller-coaster so we did not actually leave the room except to have lunch.

The kids seemed to have fun so that really all that mattered and they learned something new. The think the biggest lesson was that things will not always work the first time and you have to just keep plugging away until you make it work.

I will leave you with a video with some footage with my grandson and a story about why my husband was yelled at for taking a picture in Food Lion. We got it all resolved but it you don’t have time to watch the video I will do a post next week on what happened.

Conowingo Dam

Let’s do a little recap of my weekend because I know you care.

Greg has been talking about taking me to one of his old fishing spots that he went to as a kid so we packed up the truck and headed out for the day of exploring. The Conowingo Dam is a connection of the Susquehanna River and they open the gates when the River gets too high and they need to distribute the water to the Dam.

IMG 08201 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

Greg use to sit on those rocks and fish when he was little. I’m not sure that would be a good idea especially because he said rats are running through those rocks all the time. YUCK!

On a different (not so gross) note, we did get to see some beautiful butterflies and I think we are going to go fishing before the year is over. I’ve been crabbing before but never fishing so I’m open to the new experience.

IMG 0821 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

On our way back home we stopped at Red Robin for a burger and some fries. We’ve been to Red Robin before but the experience at this restaurant was awful. We just wanted to eat and get out of there as fast as possible.

IMG 0822 1024x768 Conowingo Dam

Once we got home I played with Digger for a little bit and had to leave to pick up a friend so we could have some girl time at the mall I did not spend much money but I did find this awesome burger shirt at Forever 21 and I just could not pass it up. How cool is this top?!?!

IMG 0823 768x1024 Conowingo Dam

All of that happened on Saturday and Sunday was a chill day at the house with lots of chores and Greg detailed me car and it looks like new. I love him but I’m scared to get it dirty now.

Boardwalk Bash

The week always seems to start off on the right foot and I’m productive and can get lot’s of things done but by the time Wednesday gets here I’m done and falling behind with all the things I need to do.  This week I hope to get a better handle on things and be able to stay on top of everything the whole week long.

Today I’m trying to complete all my Sunday chores such as meal prep, laundry, cleaning the closet and I’m going to work on getting all my clothes together for the week ahead. I think if I can roll out of bed and throw my workout clothes on a head out the door it will make my mornings a lot easier to get through.

Ok, on Thursday night I wanted to post about the Boardwalk Bash that we had at work and here I am sitting at my desk on Sunday trying to put this together.

Our company does special events like this every so often so show us some appreciation. It’s a nice break from the normal work day. I got some video that I will post at the bottom of this post of all the things that were set up. Some of the items required a waiver to be signed in case anyone got hurt. We had bumper cars and a surfing activity set up (it was an air ride). I did not have a lot of time for my break and lunch so I had to pass on this but I did get to see a few of my co-workers do this and it looked pretty fun.

NewImage29 Boardwalk Bash

We had a karaoke station (some good and some not so good).

NewImage30 Boardwalk Bash

There was a food station with BBQ and lots of options for extras goodies like cotton candy, taffy, sno-cones and much more. We all had a ticket and for each station you had to get your ticked punched to make sure everyone got a chance to enjoy everything, I passed on most of the stuff but it was a nice gesture.

NewImage31 Boardwalk Bash

Between all the food and goodies there were plenty of activities going on. Here are the bumper cars and it was pretty quite when I was out there. Not a lot going on.

NewImage32 Boardwalk Bash

Here is the wave/surfboard I was talking about and the helmet is laying there waiting for someone to take a change and hop on it. I did see one person attempt it and feel shortly after he got on it. It’s was kinda funny (not gonna lie).

NewImage33 Boardwalk Bash

A basket ball game to wind stuffed animals we set up but most of the guys were all hanging around the real basketball hoops because they set up teams and had games going all day long.

NewImage34 Boardwalk Bash

There was a selfie station so I had to take advantage of that…if I passed this up what kind of blogger would that make me?!?!

NewImage35 Boardwalk Bash

It was a good day for the most part and I know that my company really tries to make these activities special for us so I try to take part in as much as I can.

Does your company do anything special like this for you?